What Is DyAC?

Posted on September 15, 2019

BenQ DyAc (Dynamic Accuracy) Technology reduces motion blur during gameplay on select premium BenQ gaming monitors. It is the successor to BenQ Blur Reduction technology and features improved clarity and performance.

It is vital that you can see the things on your screen clearly. In fast-paced games, such as FPS games, you may experience blurred images when objects on your screen move fast, making the enemies blur out as well.

That’s called motion blur and most manufacturers today have their own way of handling this issue.

BenQ Zowie DyAc Technology is one of BenQ’s solutions to this problem. DyAc stands for Dynamic Accuracy.

It essentially reduces the blur that occurs when objects on your screen are moving fast. For example, if you are firing a gun in an FPS game with heavy recoil or move your crosshair around quickly.

This, along with a high refresh rate monitor, which usually features some variant of this technology, will result in much smoother gameplay as objects that would normally be blurry (such as enemies when firing a gun), will be much more visible and can be tracked more easily.

A lot of pros’s in games like CS:GO use this feature as it improves crosshair control when spraying.

BenQ DyAc can be turned on and off on your a supported BenQ monitor’s OSD menu.

BenQ DyAc Example

The image below showcases the effect of BenQ DyAc.

Benq DyAc Example

We also recommend watching this short video made by BenQ ZOWIE.

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