What Is Mouse Jitter?

Posted on September 15, 2019

Mouse jitter (or mouse stutter) is when the mouse cursor makes sudden and unpredictable movements. It is a flaw in the product itself and it is bad.

Unlike mouse movement alterations that are done on purpose, like for example mouse smoothing and angle snapping, mouse jitter is a flaw with the mouse or the mouse sensor itself. It makes the cursor make strange and inconsistent movements at random intervals.

According to today’s standards, computer mice should not have any mouse jitter so if you experience mouse jitter on your new mouse, be sure to return it right away and go for another model or even manufacturer.

Though before you do that, be sure to check for these common issues on why you may be experiencing mouse jitter.


The issue may be as simple as a little bit of dust in the hole where the sensor tracks from can cause mouse jitter. The sensors are extremely precise so just a little bit of inconsistency can cause issues.

Simply clean the area or use some canned air.

The Surface

The surface that your mouse is resting on is important as well. Ensure that the surface is flat and clean and that the mouse pad is not reflective or too brightly colored as some mice may have trouble tracking on these.

A black mouse pad is recommended for the best compatibility.


If you start experiencing mouse jitter after installing a certain piece of software, then that could very likely be the problem.

Try uninstalling the suspected program and see if it fixes the issue.

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